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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Altoona, Penna
DATE     : 
TIME     : evening 10 pm

This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
Dear Agency, 
One time I was invited to the country for a dinner.
A girl from high school invited me to go out with 
her and said she would pick me up. She was educated 
at school and I thought we had become friends. She 
showed up in an old Buik or Oldsmobile an antique 
it was Beige. 
When I got home she dropped me off at the corner 
of 2030 Eleventh Avenue. In Altoona, PA I noticed 
something in the sky I noticed it because my home 
was on a hill. As I climed to the back door I 
looked and ran inside. Left the lights out. It was 
hovering closer and I knew it was too large and was 
coming down, slowly. 
I went and looked out the bathroom window. 
I had no lights on and saw my Father coming up the 
walk with a flashlight he had. He was waving at it 
waving it down.
By this time all my neighbors saw it and as they 
followd it up the toward Westfall Cememtary. 
My Father came back and said it vanished and they 
couldn't keep up with it and then it disappered in 
the clouds.

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