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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Englewood Cliffs, NJ
DATE-Sighting : 03-17-88
TIME-Sighting : 8 PM
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
We were hanging around when we heard on the police 
scanner that people were afraid to come out of the 
diner at Palisade and Sylvan Avenues because of 
"lights in the sky." We all (about 5 of us) went 
outside hoping we could see whatever this was, all 
kidding around. It was St. Patricks night and we 
thought it was a bunch of partyed out people playing 
a joke.
We saw this bunch of different colored lights in a 
boomerang formation flying south along Sylvan Av. 
The lights were prismatic; they changed color as the 
object moved. It was moving very slowly, probably 
like 25 MPH and probably about 1,000 ft. high toward 
the George Washington Bridge. We saw it make a 
perfect left just north of the bridge, then make 
another perfect left over the Hudson River and head 
north keeping formation. We couldn't tell if this 
was one big object or a bunch of smaller ones. The 
sky was dark and the spaces in between the lights 
were dark, too. It went past the tree-line and we 
couldn't see it anymore. There was no noise at all. 
One of us tried to take a picture but nothing clear 
came out.
We heard on the scanner that the object was 
observed by Palisades Interstate Parkway Police 
cruising up the river near PIP exit 2 (Alpine/ 
Yonkers area) and it zipped away at a high rate of 
speed. The whole thing lasted about 20 minutes.
We didn't think it was a UFO at the time... nobody 
felt "spooky" or scared, and I didn't think any 
more about it until I saw something similar on TV 
last year. Probably some kind of "stealth" aircraft 
(it was really good at that!).
At the time I mentioned this to one of my friends 
in the Air National Guard and he said it was a 
bunch of "ultralight" pilots from Stewart AFB, NY, 
celebrating St. Patricks day. Yeah, right. No, 
none of us had taken part in any "celebrating."

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