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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, July 25, 1997 at 05:46:58
location: Ottawa/Kansas/USA
date: summer 1993
time: 10 pm

sighting: I was standing in the front yard of my home, and with much noise and light a craft appeared to the west. It did not move quickly nor discreetly. It must have been at least 50ft from left to right and as it moved slowly overhead (and I mean it was almost low enough to the ground to clip the nearby trees) It was so deafening that I looked around my densely populated area and was shocked to find no one else around nor were there any inquisitive faces peering from the nearby windows of neighboring homes. I remember it was around 10:00pm in the evening, and a saturday-which meant that most of the town was still awake and since the craft's "disruption" had shook my home enough to knock a picture from the living room wall (thats why I went outside in the first place) I KNEW someone had to have heard it also. I watched it, pulsating from thousands of different colored lights underneath the craft (and I know very well how "hollywood" that sounds, but I'm afraid it is true) slowly pass over and head east at the same rate of speed. No dogs were barking which is extremely odd considering the number of them in the vacinity-nor where any cars passing by at that particular moment. I would say at least 5 minutes passed during the encounter after which-seeing it slowly moving in the direction of a friends home, I immediately ran inside and called her to tell her to run outside and look, asking quite frantically "didnt you feel the ground shaking for goodness sake?!" at which she answered "what are you talking about?!" She called me back a few moments later saying she saw what might have been an airplane heading east but nothing more. I was astounded to find that upon returning to school the next day, not one of my school mates noticed anything strange at all, even those who lived nearby. I was 16 at the time and I remember writing it off as a fluke or a low flying aircraft. Now however as a 6 year veteran Army wife, I know very well that no conventional aircraft of that size would or could safely fly that low to the ground-nor would they have any reason to. It is a small town not close to any military facilities whats so ever-(Ft.Leavenworth and Ft.Riley being a good 2-3 hours away both) and having lived in this small town almost all my young life-I know how rare it was to see something like that. I also found it odd that the next day no news reports came out-especially since I was sure an aircraft of that size flying that low would surely crash. Anyway, it was a sight I'll not soon forget. I cant tell you it was alien nor even a ufo=only that it was odd and so far unexplained. I give you my word however, that it was 100% real.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}