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From: "john skinner"
Subject: UFO
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 12:09:42 PST

I saw a Ufo 2 years ago at about 7:30 pm 
on i think it was the 29 of february. 
It was a triagular shaped well like a 
pyramid with lots of lights. They were 
like strobe lights. They were green 
yellow blue orange and red. On the top 
there was a very bright light that was 
going around and around. Then a light 
came from the bottom of it and when i 
went to where the light had come down 
there was nothing out of the ordinary 
except a thin piece of metal with little 
things on it that looked like hyroglyphics. 
Then about 4 or 5 light came out of nowhere 
they looked as if they were going 2000 miles 
an hour they were so fast. but the wind did 
not change at all. the small lights were 
about the size of a basketball. It also had 
a little trail of light coming from it. I 
don't know what it was but I almost had a 
heart attack. I fainted and when i came to 
the piece of metal was gone. Every thing was 
the same. Except now when I go to sleep i 
don't dream at all. I only see shapes and 
colors. Nothing makes sense. If you want to 
know more e-mail me at
                  John Skinner


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