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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, September 16, 1997 at 22:31:27
name: Susan
location: Silksworth, England
date: 1963
time: 4.30pm

sighting: I was 10 years old. My brother, then 14, asked me to walk from Thorney Close to Silksworth to visit his girl friend. It was a quiet sunny afternoon. We got to the sweet shop on the hill opposite the old Silksworth reservoir which was fenced off with 6ft high wire. My brother went into the shop and I sat on the wall facing down the hill, siding on to the reservoir. When he came out of the shop, he said "How, Sue, look at that." I turned to the direction he indicated. Above the reservoir was a large silvery object. It was like an aeroplane without wings. It was big. Very big. It hung motionless above the reservoir. We sat and watched it for about 15 minutes. Then it rose slowly in the air, hung there for a few seconds and then accelerated off at an unbelievable speed. within seconds it was gone. There were no clouds in the sky. The object did not disappear behind anything. It just sped away. I believe from my experience that these visitors are able to visit us by way of ships which merely reflect their surroundings. In certain conditions they are visible. The silveriness of the ship I saw was almost like that of a mirror. At no time did my brother or I feel threatened. Merely curious. We could get no closer to the ship than we already were.

If anyone tells me that there is no such thing as UFO's I will never beleive them. This is the first time I have told people other than my immediate family. Not because of fear of being upbraided or the like. Purely because I did not know who to tell. My brother and I saw what we saw. I have never heard of a description like the one we saw, but it was real. It has stayed with me all my life. I do not believe in the reality of visitors from outer space, I know they exist. They pose no threat. My most enduring feeling whilst watching the ship was one of utter peace.

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