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Jim (WebMaster for UFOSNMW)
Date: June 5,1999
Time: 2100 hrs to after 0000(Midnight)
Location: Artesia, New Mexico, USA

I had just set up my Sony Camcorder on a tripod, when I observed
a bright glowing yellow light, moving from west to east. I had just enough
time to start the recorder and take about 10 seconds of video. The
object appeared to be 3 or 4 times brighter then the brightest star
out at the time. It is difficult to see in the video, but it passes behind a tree
in my backyard.
I then observed another or the same object moving across the sky, south
to north. I was in the middle of screwing on a night scope to the
camcorder and was not able to get any video of it.
After I had the night scope on and probably less then 10 minutes later
I was able to shoot appox. 90 seconds of video of a slow moving object,
traveling north to south. I continued to tape the object, until it
went behind the same tree as before.
The third object I shot within another 5 or 10 minutes. It shows a glowing
object passing several stars. About a third of the way into the movie
it clearly passes in front of the Corona Borealis(The Northern Crown).
It continues on till it fades away and I lose it.
Unfortunately I was not properly set up for the first two sightings this night.
I feel if I had, there would have been much better video due to the objects
being much brighter then the others.
Also after the second video I spotted another glowing object moving
S/W to N/E I tracked it all the way with the camera, but am embarrassed
to say I did not have the Record button pushed...OPPS

This was my first attempt at recording what we see here, all the time. I hope
to have many more video clips to add to this in the future.

The Movies
Movie Real Video Stream  Zipped AVI File 
1) 10 sec. clip  ufo-6599-1.ram (362KB) 
2) 90 sec. clip   ufo-6599-2.ram (909KB)
3) 50 sec. clip  ufo-6599-3.ram (473KB) 


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