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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Vittangi, Northern Sweden
DATE-Sighting : -83
TIME-Sighting : 
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
This happened year 1983 in Vittangi Sweden. I 
was about six years old, but i can still remember 
this incident. It was saturday. My mother and i 
were at home. We lived in a house on top of a 
hill, and i could see the whole Vittangi from our 
living room window. At the opposite side of this 
Village, was the elder care center. I saw a quite 
large, larger than a helicopter object hovering 
above the building. It was purple red, and shaped 
as a globe. Across this globe, there was a "belt" 
of metal, and two antennas attatched to it. I told 
this to my mother, but she didn´t believe me, and 
just told me it was propably a helicopter. 
She never cared to take a look. I believed her at 
that moment, because i didn´t know what a 
helicopter looked like. But a few years after i 
realised it was NOT a helicopter. A helicopter 
can´t hover silently in the exact same spot for 
several minutes. And it was bright daylight, so i 
saw this object clearly. I don´t know what it was, 
but i have never seen such thing after that day. 
Nobody else saw this object, so it´s up to you to 
decide if you believe me or not. But i know it was 
Please write me if you have sighted a similar object, 
my e-mail address is

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