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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 21:32:40
location: Alabama
date: July, 1939
time: AM

sighting: This is not a ufo sighting, it is actually an encounter with an alien and may not belong on this site. I am a retired FBI agent and have spoken to no one about this since 1939. I am getting on in years now and feel I should share it before I pass away. I won't go into full details of how it all started because the the story would be too long. At the time of the occurence, the agency was working closely with the military on certain projects. we received a report saying a supposedly fortune teller had told a certain military colonel things about his work that was classified top secret. The colonel reported it to his commanding officer, the commanding officer reported to Washington and they called the agency to investigate. I was placed in charge of the investigation and proceeded to a rural area in Alabama to the residence of the alleged fortune teller. I had two other agents with me as assistants. Upon arrival we encountered a woman sitting on the front porch at the residence. We approached to the bottom steps leading up to the porch, at which time I identified myself and displayed my credentials. I then asked her name and she told me who she was. I asked if we might ask her a few questions and she said yes but before I could start my questions, she smiled and told me that in the first place she was no fortune teller. I told her I had not said she was. She said no, you did not say it but it is in your mind. I was astounded because it was surely in my mind! I then asked if she knew why we were there. She sat for a moment just looking at me, then she told me we were there because she had told a soldier about the work he was doing at a military base. She said she saw it in his mind like she was seeing things in my mind right then. I then asked if she could see in the mind of anyone she wanted to and she said yes. I asked how she learned to do this and how long she had been able to do it. She smiled again and said she was able to do it long before we came along. I asked what she meant and she said before time as we know it. I asked where she was from and without hesitation she said, another world. I decided to play along with her and asked why she was on earth if she did not live here. She said she was guarding what belonged to her. I asked what that might be and she told me it was no concern of mine and it had nothing to do with humans! I decided that maybe we should take her in for formal questioning to see exactly what was going on, but before I could say anything to her about it, she told me she had no intention of going with us anywhere. I then turned and told one of the agents with me to escort her to our vehicle. He started up the steps and of a sudden he started started jerking and trembling as if he were having a siezure of some type and fell to the ground. She was still sitting in her chair as if nothing was happening. she then told me that if we made any further attempt to attack her, none of us would leave there! I immediately told her we would make no further attempt to take her with us and the agent on the ground was instantly able to stand again as if nothing had happened. I asked if he felt ok and he replied yes. She then told me that she knew I was thinking about returning with additional help to take her with me and that if I did, she would not be held accountable for the outcome. She said she had no intention of being pestered with us and that she could give us an example of what she would do if bothered in the future. I asked what the example might be. She told me to leave and pick out a place where no one lived, an area of at least one hundred square miles, place posts at the corners and come back the next day when it was done and tell her. By this time,to be honest, I was already terrified and was more than glad to just leave there so we left and returned to headquarters and I made my report exactly as it happened. My superior called the military and reporte what had taken place and was told him to do nothing until they called him back. In two hours a certain general called and told my superior he would arrive at the office in several hours. When he got there, he had a whole staff with him and told us they had decided to go along with the woman and her foolish notion and then she would be arrested. He said the military had several test sites in the deserts and that the specified instructions were being carried out. Early the next morning the call came in that everything was as specified and the area was clear. The general then told me he would be accompanying me to the womans home, so he and I set out alone and when we arrived, she was sitting on the porch in the same chair. we got out and I started to introduce her to the general but she said she knew who he was and what he was doing there. She then asked if everything was done like she asked and the general told her it was. She asked if any airplanes would be flying over the area and the general told her that the airspce was restricted and that it was all clear. She looked at him and asked if he was sure and he said yes he was sure. I don't know what I expected to happen then but all she said was, get in touch with your people at the place and ask them to check the area and tell you what they found. The general asked when she was going to show us what she was going to do and she replied that it was done. The general told her that if she had put them through all this for nothing, he would come back and personally take her to prison! She smiled and told him that if he or anyone else ever came to bother her or anything that belonged to her, the example would only be a small part of the things that would happen. We left and returned to the office and the general made a call to the area that was marked off and told them to check out the site and report their findings, if any as soon as they found anything unusual. After an initial excursion into the area it was reported that there was no sign of life of any type, the plants and grasses were all dead, the insects and small animals were dead and even the birds that were flying in the air over the area had fallen from the sky, dead! The general relayed what was said and told us that none of this information was to leave the room and never discuss any of this with anyone, that the military would handle it from there. We were also told not to approach the woman again under any circumstances. After he left, we were never told any thing further and to my knowledge the woman was not bothered by them or contacted again. I know this sounds like a science fiction movie but it happened and you can believe or disbelieve it.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}