Aaron UFOS

Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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name: Aaron
location: 20 miles east of Artesia New Mexico
date: Winter 1991
time: Around 11:00 PM

sighting: I was staying the night at my aunts house when my brother told me to look at something in the sky. I looked through the back bedroom window and saw about 7 large objects(about 2/3's the size of the moon) and 8 smaller objects(the size of stars). It looked like the larger objects were about the size of a car. They were all bright yellowish white and appeared round ,but I could not see the exact shape. We heard no sounds from them. They got brighter as we watched them and appeared to be shining lights toward us. Some of the small lights would slowly circle around the larger ones. Some of the larger objects had 2 small lights going around them. Some of the larger objects had only one small light circling them and one large object had no lights around it. We also saw at two places in the sky one small light circling another small light and were not associated with any larger object. These objects moved from north-west to the north-east ,slowing down sometimes till they were no longer visible to us over the horizon.