Artesia Saucer

Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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name: Anonymous
location: Artesia, N.M.
date: 12-21-96
time: between 8:30 to 9:00 p.m.

sighting: My daughter and I were at the Blue Qual shopping center. We were ordering pizza at Little Caesars. I was sitting in the truck when I spotted an object just above the Burger King sign across the street towards the east, just hovering in the air. It was white and round but kind of flat(like a saucer) and about six inches in length and about two to three inches in width. We figured it was at least as big as a football field. It had a yellow/orange light circling around the center of it. I got out of the truck and yelled for my daughter and she came out and saw it too. We watched it for about ten mins. We turned to go back into the truck and when we looked up it was gone. We figured that it had to be about one and half miles out of town and low enough not to be noticed by radar. My daughter noticed a light blue light beaming down from it. It scared us pretty bad and we are still having trouble believing in what we saw. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------