Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, November 8, 1997 at 23:11:25
location: BURLEY,IDAHO
date: NOV.7,97
time: 6:20-6:30

sighting: Me and my freinds were out looking out for some UFO's and if and when found we would document it on video ,well we were out on my friends front lawn looking around in the sky when we saw a familliar bright star off in the distance with another dimmer star to the side of it. I turned on the cam-corder and started taping . At first the camra wasn't focusing very well untill my freind hit it a couple of times and when focused I first saw three then four or five bright lights then I saw the outline, it looked like a saucer at an angle and then I saw it turn .When it turned I could see bright light coming out the back and thats when it hid behind a tree.