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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 07:01:06

location: Approximately one hour from Akron, 
          Ohio-direction unknown

date: summer of 1968

time: PM & early AM

sighting: In the summer of '68, my friend 
and I, we were both about 10 years old, 
would spend week-ends with his parents at 
a chalet that they owned that was 
approximately one hour from Akron, Ohio 
at a placed called Lake Mohawk. This 
particular week-end we were out on the lake 
in a small row boat partaking in fishing. 
It was early evening and clouds had rolled 
in over the lake. I can't remember the sound 
we heard but I do know it did not sound like 
any plane or helicopter, but there in the 
clouds were these three lights which formed 
a large triangle and each of these lights 
pointed out away from the angle instead of 
straight ahead as a planes' configuration. 
It just hovered over us then began moving 
away further over the lake at a very slow 
speed. Needless to say that this spooked 
the hell out of us and we got off that lake 
in record speed. Later that night, early 
morning, I was sleeping on the sofa sleeper 
in the living room and had awoke to use the 
head. The chalet was totally dark and for 
some reason, I don't know why, I looked 
down at my feet and slightly to the right 
in the corner of the room stood what I 
believed at the time to be a ghost. It had 
a very dull glow to it, almost as if black 
and white, wasn't much taller then 4'8", 
about my height at that time, and the 
weirdest thing was I couldn't focus on it. 
I wasn't frightened and got up to use the 
head. I returned to the sleeper and never 
looked in the corner but went straight to 
sleep. I've looked at maps of the Akron 
area trying to locate Lake Mohawk but I 
can't find it. I know it's there because 
I spent many week-ends with my freind and 
his parents. This is the first time I've 
ever related this experience with anyone 
and hope you will not think I am a nut-case.