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My UFO Sightings and More

A few of my sightings

***Here is a NEW UFO I filmed Oct. 27, 2009 -Triangle

***Click here for my latest and the best ever! Oct. 14, 2009
*** My first UFO sighting Artesia NM -OCT. 1995.

*** Another of my sightings Artesia NM- Nov. 1,1996.

***Various short sighting reports from Artesia- 1995 and 1996.

***Three sightings- Summer 1997.

This picture is similar to what I observed in Oct. 1995 Read My first UFO sighting in Artesia NM. -above.

This section is for Noel in Australia
***Sighting from Noel in Lake George(Canberra), Australia- Mid 1992.

***Sighting in Canberra, Australia- Mid 70's (Reporter Noel).
***Sighting in Crookwell, Australia (Reporter Noel).
***Sightings in Australia and comments from Noel.
***3 secound hand sightings Noel in Australia.
****NEW-- Evidense of anicient alien visitations from Noel in Australia.
*** E-mail Editorial from Noel in Australia concerning UFO theory.
*** Editorial from Noel in Australia concerning the face on Mars.
*** Thoughts from Noel in Australia ref: UFO experiences.

*** 2 Articles from Noel- Ref: Stealth Bombers and MIB's.

***Ancient Jars in Laos, read article from Noel .

New Mexico maps

*** Map of Artesia area.

*** Map of New Mexico.

Misc. UFO and Alien Info

*** Are there bricks on Mars? Article from Mark Buitron(sorry picture links broke)

*** Observations from Greg H. Ref: Faces on Mars(sorry picture links broke)

*** Message to Non-Believers from Aurora, Ontario, Canada

*** Alien Invasion!- Year 2001 (SGT. X)

*** Couple of comments from Keith

*** Early experiments at Area 51- 1945

*** Excerpt from the UFO Java Chat Page.- 6/5/97

*** Excerpt from the UFO Java Chat Page- Mid June 1997.

*** Urgent message from Jane Derry.

*** Mark commenting on 'Recent Campaign Against UFOlogy.

*** Email message concerning triangle UFO'S.

*** Incredible account from a retired FBI agent- July 1939 !!!
***'Earth Hole'? spotted at Lyons, Colorado- Nov. 27,1995.
GHOST! seen in Skatterbranch, Texas- Summer 1994.

***Alien found in Mason, Michigan- Spring 1996!
***Comment from Jason on crop circles.
*** Comment from Mark Buitron about UFO's.
***Are we being prepared for the Aliens?- article by Phillip .
***Interesting!!! About 'Reptoids' !
***Sighting from Santa Fe, NM and More on 'Reptoids'!!!
***!!! UFO Detector-- Use your TV set !!!
*** UFO detector? from John in St Basile,Quebec,Canada.
***Alien IMPLANT !!! - McCloud, Calif.
*** Ancient alien astronaut's decide.
*** E-Mail comment on Aliens, Mars, etc..
*** Possible UFO Base - read here.
Chupacabras seen in Forest Grove, Oregon- Nov. 13,1993(Jessie)!
Another Chupacabras seen in Lovington, New Mexico!- 5/22/96
Message in espanol ref: Hale-Bopp Comet.
Need to contact an experienced UFO investigator?
click here and read second part of message.

***This isn't on my site but click here and read. Very Very interesting....

News from the west: (several local people had seen this, I wish I had.)

*** Meteor? seen over western states 10-4-96-A .

*** Meteor? seen over western states 10-4-96-B . .

*** Meteor? seen over western states 10-4-96-C . .

*** Artesia Daily Press--Roswell cashing in on UFO craze(7/3/97)

*** 2 UFO landing sites reported near Aztec, New Mexico

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